The last two weeks were soo exciting again

Sooo.. The last two weeks were soo exciting again. My first plan was to live with a Host Family for the first month. However, when we arrived in London the Host mother didn’t open the door.

She didn’t reply to phone calls and messages too. Hopefully, my mom was with me. SO I went in the same hotel as her.

At the same evening I met 3 people from Italy. They searched for a 4th flatmate. When I met them I realized that I was one of many applicants for this flat. So I was a bit scared. BUT!!

My mom always learned me to think positiv and never remember that something could go wrong. I really in that I gonna make it. So was it. 🙂

Three days later we moved in the flat in Southfields. The guys (and Sophia) are amazing!!

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  1. Erika says:

    I totaly agree it was ver exciting 🙂

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