Surprise in Switzerland!!

It is already Wednesday!! The last few days went so fast. Last Friday evening I went back to Switzerland over the weekend. A friend of mine bought a return ticket to Switzerland  as a present for my birthday!! What an amazing idea!?!??

Friday night I went partying and clubbing. Was very fun. Saturday I surprised my best friend and soulmate, Rachel! She had no clue I would come to Switzerland and she was so happy and I was too, to meet each other and spend some of our time together! Saturday evening I went to Penthouse Luzern to celebrate my birthday which was on 10th Nov.

Exactly at 00:00 we had a shot and the bartender gave me a bunch of roses. I was literally shocked. I didn’t realize what was going on…. The same friend who bought the fight tickets for me planned everything. I am so grateful!

Sunday afternoon I surprised my whole family apart from my mom since she already knew I’d come! My father and everyone was sooo happy to see me. Even more because no one excepted this!

Sunday evening I flew back home again. One of the very emotional weekends I’ve ever had!!

The last two days at University were again interesting. We had the first rehearsal with the band. As soon as everything is more organized I will announce some news.

Until then I keep doing everything as normally.

Alessia Mathis

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