New name on instagram

This past Wednesday, Alessia took a first and important step in her life, by rebranding her personal Instagram with the artist name Alessia.

Don’t be shy and check it out! This was a daunting task for her as it is the first time she officially announced herself to her followers as an artist. Hopefully yet surely, this will be the start of a beautiful journey.

The day before, she held the final rehearsal with her band before recording the instrumentals for her EP on Sunday. You probably know this already if you follow her Instagram account. The rehearsal was filled with great banter, shout out to Sebastian her drummer, and crisp jamming. The whole band is ready to bring their best for the recording and will no doubt perform perfectly.

As to the future, Alessia will be performing on the 16th of January at an Open Mic that Bread and Roses are hosting in the evening.

From 9 onwards, numerous up and coming artists will be on show, including Alessia and her band. It would be lovely to some of your lovely faces there showing your support for these talented people.

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