London Coliseum


Time goes so fast! Cannot believe.

After only two weeks the first term is already over. 1/9 of the whole study is done. Crazy! In University we are preparing the assessments which make me a bit nervous. However, I am sure I can do this. I already started to write my essay which I will be delivered on 28th of November 2019.

On Wednesday (13th of November) my Cousin Oliver Patrice Weder played a show in the Spitfire Audios. He just released his dubut album called OPW. A very fascinating, emotional und personal album. It makes me dreaming about so many things.

Some times this week I met Fern Wallis. She is a student of second year Management at BIMM. Her boyfriend is our guitarist. This is absolutly amazing. I am really looking forward to work with her, she is so organized!

One day she told me: ‘you are a musician, you should do music and don’t waste your time with administration things. That’s my part.’ She is totally right! So I planned my EP release!!!!! I am so excited to announce this news in a few weeks.

I use my knowledge in playing piano to teach other students. Knowing that others want to learn piano as I did makes me very happy. I believe this can also play a role in improving my practical skills.

A few weeks ago I met an important person in Event Management. He invited me and my flatmate Sophia to the Coliseum to watch the Chopiniana. It was amazing to listen to classic music. Some of the pieces I played with piano appeared too!

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  1. Urs says:

    Gratulation, Alessia👏👏🍀❤️❤️

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