Alessia’s first gig with her band was amazing!

Alessia’s first gig with her band was amazing! She performed 3 of her songs, namely You’ll always be missing, Butterfly and Real Talk. The latter is an absolute banger to say the least. She was the first to perform at the Open Mic, setting the scene for the rest of the evening.

Hopefully many of you were present to share the experience and enjoy yourselves. With the help of a lovely photographer, plenty photos of the night will be available to see on her Instagram. The next planned performance is on the 16th February; however, you might wish to expect a few gigs beforehand.

As another week flew by, Alessia was finally able to prepare the release of one her instrumental compositions, Memories, which will be available on the 1st February along with a music video. These are very exciting times..

Finally, there is loads of rehearsing, planning and studying to do for the whole team, but do not worry, everything is under control and we are all looking ahead to what the future holds.

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