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Swiss girl Alessia born in Lucerne in 1999. As a little child Alessia started to play the piano and all over these years, she has learned a lot about the different music genres.
Jazz and pop music are amongst her favourites. While writing her own music, she improved a lot. The texts she is singing are all close and personal stories which she expresses through music. With all her experiences she is bringing the feelings inside the music.

In 2014 she was in the semi-final at the swiss music awards. In collaboration with XCX Artists and the producer Geoslam, she came a bit closer to her goals. One of her biggest dreams is to play and sing her own songs on big stages around the world.

If you stop getting better, you stopped beeing good. This is one of her motivational key sentenses. To reach her goals, she always wants to do more than everybody else. As you will listen in the new released song, she sings about harsh situations. But if you really want to, you will grow into a butterfly. With Alessia’s music you will enter into a beautiful world. Listen carefull, enjoy, and show it to all your friends.

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